How to Repair Carpet: Removing Wrinkles

Having a room with wall-to-wall carpet can be comfortable and cozy. Sometimes these carpet stretches and ends up with small wrinkles in unwanted palaces of the room. When this occurs you will need to clear the room and pull the wrinkles right out of the carpet. It is not a hard process but is time consuming. If you are having carpet in any parts of your house, you will find that it will start puckering with long-term use. If the carpet was attached to the tacking strips, rather than adhesive the remedy of the problem can be easily solved by carpet re-stretching and to get tips on how to remove wrinkles from carpet.

Steve Hoover, a professional carpet installer explained how most of the carpets are wrinkled. According to him, carpets needs to acclimate to the interior conditions before it is installed. This is especially important if the carpet has been in a cold place or has been exposed to high humid conditions. The carpet is being installed when it is still cold or humid, the carpet will start to wrinkle later on.

Improper stretching during the installation process is also another cause of carpet wrinkles. Some installers lay the pad and the carpet securing it with the help of knee kicker. Since the carpet was never stretched, it would start to wrinkle after it has seen some traffic. The installers need to allow enough time in acclimating the carpet and insists that they actually stretch it with the help of a power stretcher during carpet installation and carpet wrinkle repair easily remove wrinkles from carpet at affordable prices.

Carpet Repair Services
Carpet Repair Services

If you have the necessary tools for any of the project, you will save time and frustration. The following are the tools required for carpet wrinkle repair.

  • Four in one screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Putty knife
  • Power stretcher
  • Carpet knife
  • Knee kicker

The following are the steps involved in carpet wrinkle repair:

Step 1 – Having The Proper Tools

Whenever some person or relatives are visiting your house might not comment on the wrinkles present on your carpet, but will positively notice them, especially if they are on your living room carpet wrinkle repair. Most importantly, if you are ignoring the wrinkles of the carpet, they will start to wear off and become permanent eyesores even if you stretch them later. If you have time, you can do it yourself. All you need is a power stretcher and a knee kicker from an equipment store. With the help of a utility knife brought from a home store, you can perform the process.

Step 2 – Preparing The Room

To get out of all the wrinkles in your carpeting, you will want to do it when the surface is free from any furniture or decorations in the room. Take some extra time in preparing your area. With someone’s help remove all the furniture from the room and place the furniture in another space where it will not be obstructing the way of carpet wrinkle repair services.

Step 3 – Vacuuming The Carpet

The process of removing carpet wrinkles starts with the process of cleaning. It usually done by vacuum that helps in removal of dirt, hair and dust. It should be completely cleaned before you are trying and getting out of the wrinkles.

Step 4 – Pulling Up The Carpet Edges

After you have vacuumed and cleaned the carpet, pull up the edges along the room. Leave one of the sides completely tacked down. It is the best option to leave the side of the carpet that is on the sides of the doorway. You can also flush with the entryway completely tacked in place. This would help in providing enough surface that would be steady enough to leave for stretching and how to remove wrinkles from carpet. You can do the process with the help of a carpet knife if you are not able to lift the carpet edges with your fingers.

Step 5 – Inspecting The Tack Strip

Look and identify the areas of damage of the strip. If you find any of the tacking strips to be bent or flat, know that it is damaged.

Step 6 – Changing The Tack Strip

Change any of the old tack strips if it has been damaged. Pull up the old ones with the end of a hammer or cut through it with the help of a flooring knife. Lay down the new sections of the tack strip tacking them in place with a hammer. Always use the flat side of the hammer and remember not to use the head of hammer, else, they might damage the strips.

Step 7 – Setting The Carpet

Lay the carpet back on the tack strips and push the carpet into the gully. Operate the stretcher with the lever and capture excess carpet in the tack strip as you continue to stretch it. With the help of a knee kicker on both sides of the locked power stretcher help the carpet to lock the carpet into the strips. Once the wrinkles are out and the carpet has been secured into the tack strip, cut off the excess.

Carpet restoration is a common type of repair and involves pulling the carpet from the three edges of the room, stretching it properly so that the tightness of the carpet is accurate with a power stretcher, cutting edges, changing the tacking strips and finally tucking it back. It is indeed a very hard job for anyone as well as time taking. It is not possible for all of you to pay attention to all these minutely and spending your precious time on the carpet, yet you want your carpet to remain new and beautiful as before.

We have a team of professional experts who are capable of handling the issues and treatments required for your carpet. You need not have to work or move anything. The carpet wrinkle repair experts would take care of all the work such as moving all the furniture and decorations safely so that none of your precious items fall and break.

In this economy none of us can afford to waste money in replacing the carpet that does not actually requires to be replaced professional carpet stretching. Carpet wrinkle repair allows us in removing the wrinkles. The waves that have formed in the carpet making them less appealing and unsafe. If you are delaying in stretching the carpet, it will cause permanent damage to the carpet as the wrinkles of the carpet cause wear and tear. We at My Home Carpet Cleaner, a renowned carpet wrinkle repair in Melbourne, understand that your problems. Hence we provide same day carpet repair services and remove wrinkles from carpet to all our customers.

We are just a call and click away from you and to get more tips on How to remove wrinkles from carpet. Hence, do not hesitate to call us and save your carpet from permanent damage.

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