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Carpet Repair Experts in Melbourne

Carpets provide a comfortable and a cozy feeling beneath your legs. But if your expensive piece of fabric is worn and torn, then walking barefoot on the carpet only becomes uncomfortable.

Needless to say, our carpets handle a lot due to our indoor activities. From handling daily damage to food and drink spills and pet’s hair and the likes – everything damages the carpet. This is perhaps why you often think of replacing them and buying a new one.

We have the solution, don’t replace them but repair them by our carpet repair services in Melbourne. My Home Carpet Cleaner is a leading carpet repair company in Melbourne. Our expert carpet repair professionals would help you save money by repairing your carpets. We also offer industry’s best carpet steam cleaning services at low cost.
Let’s see how.

Carpet Repair Melbourne

Benefits of Repairing Your Carpets in Melbourne

If your carpet has frayed edges, then our carpet repair Melbourne services can repair them. Here are a few of various advantages that carpet repairs offer you:

  • Retains luminosity

    Stains and blotchy spots on the carpets make you feel embarrassed in front of the guests. My Home Carpet Cleaner repairs your carpets and makes them look new as before and will make them look glossy and comfortable.

  • Saves the cost of replacement

    Repairing the carpets makes you save your money which you would have otherwise spent in buying a new one. Thus, carpet repairing is a long-term money-saving procedure.

  • Eliminates pollutants

    Repairing and regular maintenance of carpets helps you in getting rid of the contaminants, dust, bacteria and other pollutants, thus protecting your health.

  • Restores comfort and warmth

    Repairing your carpets restores the insulation and warmth to your feet and thus makes you feel comfortable.

How to Choose a Carpet Repair Service in Melbourne?

Repairing your carpets is an extensive job that needs professional expertise. There are many ways by which you can locate the carpet repair Melbourne services. Some of such things that you can go with are:

  • The most reliable way to find a reputable repair service for your home is the Internet. It has many coverage areas and gives a number of options to choose from. It also makes you aware of the customer reviews that each company has for their services.
  • Yellow pages are other great options to find the services. It has a large database and you can get all the relevant information about the carpet repairs.
  • You can also do a local search of the repairing services in the local advertisements in the local newspapers.
  • The various business websites also have information regarding the carpet repairs. Such websites have before and after pictures of the work done that would help you in judging the quality of work done by a repairing company.
  • If you have already found a carpet repair company, get the quotes, compare them and investigate what exactly are they providing as per the quote.
  • Ask whether your chosen carpet repair company is backed up with some warranty, if their professionals are experienced and if their company is IICRC certified or not.

Best Carpet Repair

Our Carpet Repair Services in Melbourne

My Home Carpet Cleaner is a leading carpet repair Melbourne company and serves its customers with pride. Let’s have a quick look at the carpet repair services that we offer:

  • Pile Repair

    Daily activities cause the formation of piles in the carpets at various places. The piles are cut piles (Saxony, texture, velvet/plush, and frieze), level loop piles including Berber, cut and loop piles, multi-level loop pile etc. Our professionals will help in the repairing all sorts of piles and fabrics.

  • Water Damage

    We also deal in repairing the water damaged carpets. Water dissolves the adhesive that holds the carpets to the floors. Our professionals repair such carpets by drying them thoroughly and re-stretching them back to their original place.

  • Wrinkle Repair

    The main cause of the formation of wrinkles is improper installation. We repair such carpets by stretching them evenly.

  • Carpet Bubbling

    Bubbles in the carpets arise due to their continuous use. Although this should not happen in the first five months of installation, however, if you face the problem, call My Home Carpet Cleaner and we will fix it by any of the below methods.

Best Carpet Repair

Our Carpet Repair Melbourne Methods

To preserve the nice and cozy feeling of your carpets, it is necessary that you repair them at the right time. Have a look at our carpet repairing methods in Melbourne:

  • Carpet Stretching

    We use this method for the carpets that have wrinkles or bubbles in them. In this method, all the light and the heavy furniture is first removed from the carpets. We then release the carpet from the tack strip.

    A power stretcher along with a knee kicker stretches the carpet from the anchor wall towards the opposite direction. We then attach the the back strip by knee kicking and pressing it back on the tack strip with a hammer.

  • Carpet Patching

    The method is suitable for carpets damaged by a pet, burned or have suffered some other problem. In this, we use a carpet patch known as donor carpet that is exactly same in design and color.

    In this method, the carpet is first removed from the tack strip. After accessing the padding, we apply a new patch/pad of same thickness, and then patch it properly and vacuum it.

  • Carpet Seam Repair

    We use this method for carpets that are coming apart from the seams. In this, the carpet is cut from the middle, stretched towards the new seam thus pulling the new ripple formed away from the carpet. A steam iron is used to settle the seam.

Why Hire Our Carpet Repair Services?

Carpet repairing is a very difficult job and you should only hire professionals like My Home Carpet Cleaner for a number of reasons:

  • Hiring us will be a safe investment for you, your carpets and your money.
  • We are familiar with cleaning and the operating instruments .
  • Further, we are trained and our professionals can differentiate between different kinds of fabrics of the carpets.
  • Additionally, we are experienced and know what and exactly how much should the carpets be stretched and repaired.
  • Moreover, we provide 24/7 customer service so you can reach us any moment.
  • Also, we are locals of Melbourne. (We provide services in all near by suburbs of Melbourne, 3000, VIC)

So don’t replace your carpets, repair them with My Home Carpet Cleaner today!

Frequently Asked Question on Carpet Repair Melbourne:

Will your company be able to provide carpet restretching in Melbourne?

Yes, our skilled and certified technicians are able to give you the best Carpet restretching services all over Melbourne and nearby areas. Call us now, get the amazing Carpet Repair Melbourne services.

In how many suburbs of Melbourne do you provide your Carpet Repair services?

We have covered all over areas of Melbourne by serving the best and unquestionable Carpet Repair services. Our techniques to repair the carpets are acceptable and given by highly knowledgeable technicians.

Location: Melbourne, 3000, VIC, Australia